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Adam Chapman

Adam is the recipient of the Doctoral Research Studentship from this project, working under the supervision of Anne Curry at Southampton. Originally from Somerset, he completed his BA at University of East Anglia in 2002 and continued to complete an MA in Medieval History in 2003.

During his time there, he specialised in landscape history, and the institutions of government and the connections between them, in particular what might be termed ‘landscapes of lordship’, that is the use of landscape features, natural and man-made to reinforce the image and idea of lordship. To this end, his MA dissertation, supervised by Dr Rob Liddiard examined the landscape of the Episcopal Palace of the bishops of Norwich at Gaywood, immediately outside the town of Bishop’s Lynn (now of course, King’s Lynn). His current project will examine not only the role of the Welsh in England’s wars but the influence of military experience on the communities, politics and leadership of the diverse lands of Wales from the late thirteenth to the mid-fifteenth century.


Adam Chapman ‘Welshmen in the Armies of Edward I’, The Impact of the Edwardian Castles in Wales : Proceedings of a conference held in Bangor 7–9 September 2007 ed. Diane Williams and John Kenyon (Oxford, Oxbow, forthcoming, 2009)

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