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Dr David Simpkin

David is a research assistant based at the University of Reading. He completed his BA in History at the University of Hull in 2002 and stayed on to complete an MA in Historical Research in 2003. Both the MA and his recently completed doctoral thesis (October 2006) were supervised by Dr Andrew Ayton.

During his time at Hull, David made extensive use of databases to assist his research into mounted soldiers in English armies under Edward I and Edward II. The first publication of his findings, ‘The English Army and the Scottish Campaign of 1310-11’, is the product of preliminary work that he conducted into one early fourteenth century army. Since then, David has become increasingly interested in the composition of late medieval armies and with issues of recruitment and leadership. This is reflected in the nature of papers that he has given recently at the International Medieval Congress at Leeds and elsewhere.

David is liaising with Dr Adrian Bell at the University of Reading on the late fourteenth century phase of the Hundred Years War. He also maintains regular contact with co-project manager Professor Anne Curry and with his fellow research assistant Dr Andy King, both of the University of Southampton.


David Simpkin, ‘The English Army and the Scottish Campaign of 1310-11’, England and Scotland in the Fourteenth Century: New Perspectives, ed. A. King and M. Penman (Woodbridge: Boydell, August 2007).

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David Simpkin, The English Aristocracy at War : From the Welsh Wars of Edward I to the Battle of Bannockburn (Woodbridge: Boydell, Forthcoming 2008).

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David Simpkin, 'The Galloway Roll (1300): Its Content, Composition and Value to Military History', Historical Research (Forthcoming, 2009).


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